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Who We Are ?

DEXHIGH SERVICES is a Bengaluru based Software Development and Outsourcing company, which is newly incorporated in India. Approach of DexHigh Services to the market is to construct unique full software development teams, specializing in blockchain technology and to support at each and every stage of the software development process. DexHigh will not just develop IT software, we will also help our clients to rethink clients’ ideas and designs and accelerate the software development. In addition, DexHigh services will give its clients an 

opportunity to innovate and transform their businesses by providing advanced, niche and robust technology consulting services. As an IT software outsourcing company, DexHigh will be geared to deliver results that clients expect and help clients create software product tailored to clients’ needs within budget and time.

Our Expertise



Solidity, Ethereum, Smart Contract, Hyper Ledger



React.JS(next.js), Typescript, Redux, MOBX, HTML5, CSS(styled-components), JQuery, Ajax, WebSocket



AWS, Node.JS, Google Cloud, Docker, AWS Lambda, Azure



MongoDB, InfluxDB mySQLDB, Aurora DB


Our Team

대표님 사진_edited.jpg
Jeonggon Mun

Founder / Market Maker / Developer.

 Woori Investment & Securities

Cutler Group, LP / Market Maker 

San Francisco, USA. 

Credit Suisse, Hong Kong

 UC Berkeley, USA

Hass School of Business

- Master of Financial Engineering


- Industrial Engineering


Thimothi Pic.JPG
Thimothi Veerabathini

Has experience in HR Operations, Talent Acquisition and Service Delivery Operations in Information Technology, R&D, Product Development and Blockchain domain organizations. He has extensive experience in building high performance teams in niche skills.  Thimothi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


Sandeep Sharma Pic_edited.jpg
Sandeep Sharma

An early adopter of Blockchain technology. Architecture end-to-end Blockchain platforms for Media, Healthcare and Fintech industries. Sandeep has proven records of working in IoT security, modern cryptographic constructions and Open Source Communities. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering.



Services & Solutions

Blockchain Solutions & Outsourcing

Building centralized/decentralized software platforms for manag- ing digital assets and allowing users to transact directly with one another without any third-party intermediary. Developing Blockchain applications in a centralized/decentralized software applications to record digital transactions.


Centralization refers to where the order matching, routing, and execution take place. In a centralized exchange, there’s a

proprietary order book that reviews all incoming orders and creates matches between users. The exchange software and servers then execute the transaction.

Decentralized exchanges operate on a network of computers. Some function directly on-chain through the use of smart contracts. Others rely on second-layer networks of trusted nodes, known as relayers, to find and make order matches.

Smart Contract

What if you could cut your mortgage rate, make it easier to up-date your will? The world of smart contracts is fast approaching, but what are they? These are legally binding programmable digi-tized contracts entered on the Blockchain.

What developers do is to implement legal contracts as variables and statements that can release of funds using the blockchain 

network as a ‘3rd party executor’, rather than trusting a single central authority.


Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry block-chain technologies


Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

Blockchain Consulting

·Technical Architecture

·Smart Contract Development

·UI/UX Design


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DexHigh Services Private Limited., Unit No. 2201A 22nd Floor, WTC Bangalore,

Brigade Gateway Rajajinagar Malleshwaram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560055.

For Business Queries : info@dexhigh.com

For Career Opportunities at DexHigh Services : careers@dexhigh.com

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